Monday, August 31, 2009

This Is Dedicated

Several weeks ago one of my Twitter followers messaged me that none of the models presented on Nickii's Boutique looked like "Real" women. Now this stumped me because I've read some of their bios and several of our designers sometimes do a meet the models segment. So, I know they're real women. Well I messaged her back and asked her what was a "Real" woman. So, for all of you that didn't know, according to my fellow Tweeterer, a "Real" woman is a woman who wears a size 14 - 18.

During my daily walks (I do about 3 miles), I turned this over and over in my mind and decided that "Real" women fall into four body types. BBW, BVW, BFW and BBBW! This is dedicated to the "Real" women.

Now, the Big Beautiful Women (BBW) are just big girls. Their mothers call them big boned. They usually look smaller than they really are and they don't have the curves (you know a small waist). They have, I think, what is called an athletic body shape, heavy in the upper body and slimmer in the hips. But that dosen't matter cause they're strutting their swagger in something like this Rhododendron Soft Bra Set From Konrad Rhododendron Soft Bra Set From Konrad. This is a beautiful sensual set of exquisite printed microfiber in an exotic combination of pink and Mediterranean olive. The bra is available up to a 42C and the panty, available in a brief or thong, up to a 2XL.

Beautiful Volumptuous Women (BVW) are extra curvy with the little pouty belly and love handles. They're the women who used to be those 38-24-36 girls in high school and now the little bit that's added just accenuates their sexiness somehow. These ladies are sure to showcase that sexy hourglass shape in something like this Monika Bodysuit From V.I.P.A
Monika Bodysuit From V.I.P.A. A lovely fashionable shapewear in a fantastic range of sizes up to 48DDD in Black or Latte. The rear is nicely decorated with a V lace insert and pretty bow. Hook an eye fasteners at the crotch has two adjustment settings for convenience.

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Beautiful Fat Women (BFW) are a little curvy but carry extra weight in the upper torso, particularly the chest, back, stomach and hips. This is my sister, Evelyn, and she swears she is The sexiest! I have to agree with her especially since now she gets a little support from the Patricia Bodyshaper From V.I.P.A Patricia Bodyshaper From V.I.P.A. Woooo! This is the bodyshaper that she makes sure he sees! Believe it or not, this is your grandmother's lingerie. I remember my mother wearing something like this. This beautiful undergarment? comes in size up 48DDD, includes the garters and we've added the matching thong.

Our final body type, Beautiful Big Booty Women (BBBW) have that hourglass shape also but there is more sand in the bottom of the glass. The BBBW is very vocal about her shape and with good cause I guess. After all, it is the focus of every other Rap song. But here's what's up! When you caress that Big Booty with something like this very pretty high waist panty that is available in the Madonna Full Figure Soft Cup Bra Set Madonna Full Figure Soft Cup Bra Set all that big talk becomes unnecessary. Your mind focuses on substance, your step quickens and you're no longer dragging your feet and you begin to FEEL beautiful.

So the models don't look like you, but say Beautiful, this is dedicated to you!

Until next week, thanks for stopping by.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Can't Stay Away

The problem is that I don't like to write. At Nickii's Boutique we offer some of the most sexy lingerie that I have seen on the net, but I just don't like to write about it. I guess I really should though because it is all that! Sooo! LaDeDa, LaDeDa, LaDeDeDaDa Baby. As my boy Bootsy would say.

It's not that I'm not excited about our lines, because I am. I mean, just check them out.

I can tell you that I'm really excited about those SEXY High Waist Panties. They're sexy and they offer a little support to help maintain your waistline and stomach. But the real deal (in my humble opinion) is THEY ARE SEXY! And, this Patricia Push Up Bra Set From V.I.P.A is a thong. Look at this Empire Push Up Bra Set From Sawren. How sexy is that?

I don't mean to bore you, but I LIKE them! Anyway, on to other things.

So, we've got the 2009 Fall/Winter Preview online and available for pre-order. We've got some beautiful gift ideas such as this Scarlet Robe From V.I.P.A lovely robe from the "V.I.P.A" Scarlet Collection. Of course the Scarlet Collection includes this pretty Scarlet Push Up Bra Set From V.I.P.A bra set, this beautiful Scarlet Bolero Set From V.I.P.A bolero set, this exquisite Scarlet Chemise Set From V.I.P.A chemise, this sexy little Scarlet Babydoll Set From V.I.P.A babydoll and this Oh, I Gotta Have This Scarlet Corset Set From V.I.P.A corset. These exclusive styles are available just in time for Christmas and gift wrapping is free with any pre-order purchase.

Well let's see now. What else is going on at Nickii's Boutique! Oh Snap! I almost forgot about the great savings on select Ed Hardy Intimates styles. This is an opportunity to save up to 35 % on everything from the much adored camisoles Ed Hardy Intimates Holiday Tattoo Mesh Camisole to the must have retro lounging Pink Butterfly Retro Short From Ed Hardy Intimates shorts to the great for fall wear Ed Hardy Intimates Thermal Glow in the Dark Los Angeles Bulldog Dress thermal dresses.

Unlike Bootsy, I can stay away. From writing anyway, that's why it's been so long since my last post. But right now, I am throwing away that lazy attitude toward writing. I know that's what it is. So, until next week (I'm committed). Thanks for stopping by.

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