Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sexy? Yeah That Is Sexy!

The CEO of GRYND HEAVY ENT, Tremayne Sapp - aka Lil Daddy, put together a Wetter remix for Nickii's Boutique. It's good and I like it a lot, but... I've always contended that the not-yet-discovered lingerie designers we offer exude Sexy, not sex. All you Sexy women and men know the difference, but I'll offer a little demonstration just for emphasis.

Ok, let's look at this very Sexy and feminine "V.I.P.A Glamour Babydoll" V.I.P.A Glamour Babydoll. Yes, it does say, "do what you want to do." But it says it with a caress, a touch or a look. It promises whispered passions that will have you remembering and smiling 3 days later. If he never did before, he'll want to cuddle! Yeah, that is Sexy!

I'm convinced that those women who are blessed with that 'Unknown Thing' (if you ever encountered it you know what I'm talking about) (my mother had it and my friend, Patricia, has it) are wearing something like this "Empire Push Up Bra Set From Sawren" Empire Push Up Bra Set From Sawren underneath. Every step they take says Sexy, Sexy, Sexy, Sexy. And you're always asking, "What did you say?" And they look at you like, "What's your problem?" But, I think they know. Yeah, that is Sexy!

We wanted to offer an exclusive line of maternity and nursing lingerie. Imagine how excited we were to fine one that "celebrates the sensual, Sexy woman inside the loving mother." One of my favorite pieces is this pretty little black "Ruffle My Feathers Camisole Set From HOTmilk" Ruffle My Feathers Camisole Set From HOTmilk. Yeah, that is Sexy!

Now a lot of you will swear that there is no such thing as a Sexy gown. If so, then you're still not feeling me. Because this luxurious satin "Subtle Gown From Miran" Subtle Gown From Miran is the epitome of Sexy. Pair it with this pair of Rustic Green Mules w/Mother of Pearl Ring & Petal and become the center of his universe. Then you'll say, "Yeah, that is Sexy!

I could go on and on, but I just wanted to Wetter your whistle. You can choose from exclusive Sexy lingerie styles at Nickii's Boutique. Check out the Wetter remix and tell me if I should add it or not.

Can You Call A Roza (Rose) By Any Other Name

For those of you who don't know. Roza is a Polish lingerie designer of extremely original and beautiful female underwear. Dorota Rozycka, owner and designer says, "Lingerie is my passion." I have to agree that based on what I have seen of the line she is very passionate about her designs. Her latest designs, the "Afrodyta Push Up Bra Set" Afrodyta Push Up Bra Set and the "Ofelia Push Up Bra Set" Ofelia Push Up Bra Set scream PASSIONATE.

Roza (Rose) is the most beautiful of flowers and the same applies to Dorota's lingerie creations. The boldness of the "Antalis Bra Set" Antalis Bra Set and the intricate design of the "Ginewra Bra Set" Ginewra Bra Set set the stage for everyday beautiful.

Now, here's whats funny. As beautiful and creative as the bra sets are, Roza specializes in creating panties. But check out a couple of her creations though. The Amelia panty, Amelia Panty one of my favorites, is just simply elegant and you won't believe the intricate detail on this Maron thong Maron Thong. You should though, because it is exquisite. All of the Roza creations are. Exquisite! And they come boxed and tissue wrapped.

Shop the full Roza lingerie collection now at Nickii's Boutique.

Monday, July 20, 2009

"V.I.P.A" ~Made With Love~

Now you all know that the lingerie designers offered at Nickii's Boutique are not your everyday household name. But you also know that if it's here it's Hot! Fresh! & Individual! Now it looks like you'll be saying it's Hot! Fresh! & Individual! & Stunning!

Introducing "V.I.P.A" a Nickii's Boutique exclusive!

Now when I first saw this line I thought, "Oh snap, we have to have this!" Then I thought, "Who is "V.I.P.A?" Well, I commenced to find out everything about the company and the line. After an extensive search, this is what I found out.

"V.I.P.A" - is the lingerie which makes every woman feel loved, special and desired! ~ Made With Love ~

Now at first you might say, "Oh, she's just spamming." But I'm not. Let's take a look and you tell me.

For starters, this "V.I.P.A" Elise Babydoll is just too cute and if the design, detail to attention and oh-so-colorful yellow is not enough, "V.I.P.A" came up with these Elise Leggings to pair with the babydoll.

Now, I can tell that you need a little more convincing. Well I'll just let this sexy little "V.I.P.A" Glamour Babydoll do all the talking. And if you don't think it's speaking volumns, accessorize it with these very sexy and exclusive "V.I.P.A" Glamour Sleeves .

So you think you're hard core. Well if you're officiating that staff meeting, presenting that seminar, making that sales presentation or advising the president in any bra set other than this luxurious "V.I.P.A" Glamour Soft Cup Bra Set (by the way, this set goes to FF cup), then I'll have to bring out the Big Dog for you.

Now those of you who know me know that the basque is one of my favorite styles of lingerie, and "V.I.P.A" has definitely captured the pure essence of it in this captivating "V.I.P.A" Marzena Basque Set . Calm down! Yes, the "V.I.P.A" Sheer Bed Jacket is available.
So there, I knew you would see things my way.
Shop the entire "V.I.P.A" lingerie collection at Nickii's Boutique.

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Designs from Ed Hardy Intimates

Wow!! We're excited at Nickii's Boutique. The new Ed Hardy Intimates hoodie dress, retro short, and mini boxer are in and available for shipment. Get them first at They're hot!!!

Just Arrived, Irall Lingerie at Nickii's Boutique

Made in Europe, Irall offers a beautiful collection of nightwear. Soft luxury satin combined with carefully selected laces makes these designs not just georgous to look at but also to wear. Exclusively at

A Nickii's Boutique Exclusive

Mini dresses are back and the beautiful styles of Beauty Night Fashion are available exclusively at