Monday, September 28, 2009

My Man Don't!

Do you believe that?! Well you shouldn't because it's not true! But I'm not here to try to convince you, I'm gonna let you hear it straight from the horses' mouths.

What's up Ladies! My name is Harvey but my friends call me Busta. Now I like a seductive woman. When I come in from a hard day of busting heads and my baby greets me wearing something like this, Muse Chemise From Corin Muse Chemise From Corin, a luxury chemise in Eisenhut fabric with tiny polka dots, contrasting embroidery and matching thong, I don't stop for a beer with my boys. They call me whipped but it's all good cause I know they wish they were in my shoes. So ladies if you think you can handle a man who knows the difference between whipped and seduced then I want you to.

Hi my name is Scott and I like a flirty woman. You know, she comes over to watch the Eagles game with me wearing a flirty push up Scarlet Corset Set From V.I.P.A Scarlet Corset Set From V.I.P.A thats edged with lace and ribbon. She's not a football fan, but she cheers for the opposing team just to tease me. Da-- I like that! So ladies if you think you can handle a man who knows the difference between Sexy and sex then I want you to.

Hello, I'm Bernard. Now my ideal lady is woman enough to stand by my side. She has to encourage me when I'm in a gloom and support me when I'm in a slump. And she'll care enough about herself to wear something like this Hannah Full Figure Bra Set From Corin Hannah Full Figure Bra Set From Corin, in a gorgeous winter color with contrasting embroidery, under her power suit. So ladies if you're confident enough to help make me then I want you to.

Nickii's Boutique is glad to be able to clear up the misconception that your man dosen't care what you wear for y'all. So until next week, thanks for stopping by.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Well You Should Be

And you're not shame. Grown women! Proclaiming to be a Diva. As my brother, Chubby, would say, "You're talking out the side of your neck."

My friend Patricia, y'all remember her. She's one of those Beautiful Volumptuous Women (BVW) and then to make sure you don't miss her, she's blessed with that "Unknown Thing." Anyway, a couple of days ago she was reprimanding her daughter, Denise, for her disinterest in her underwear. "I don't understand it," Patricia said. "You're a beautiful young woman with a nice hour glass shape! Why don't you place any importance on your foundations?"

I just happened to be on the phone with Patricia at the time she was having this discussion with Denise. Through with Denise, Patricia said to me, "This dosen't make any sense! They walk around in clothes of every name brand on the market but have on worn out, mismatched underwear, and think they're Sexy. Whatever! They don't know anything about being Sexy. They have Sexy confused with sex!" Having heard this speech before, I settled in.

Getting in the groove, Patricia said, "I have always matched my bra and panties, you know. I just feel good about myself when I'm wearing a pretty little Sexy set. Like now I have on this Sexy as he-- Meriel Full Cup Bra Set From Sawren Meriel Full Cup Bra Set From Sawren. The bra is comfortable and supportive, the brief is a perfect fit and the set is beautifully embroidered with very vivid colors. Dosen't it come in a push-up too?"

She wasn't expecting an answer. "And then," she continued, "they don't even try to take care of what they have. This girl (Denise) has panties and bras with the elastic stretched and torn, you know. I've told her over and over to wash her intimate items using a Forever New Lace For Lingerie Lace Valet Forever New Lace For Lingerie Lace Valet, being sure to fasten the bras, on gentle wash in cold water with Forever New Ovacion Forever New Ovacion, because the Ovacion returns the "newness" to lingerie by restoring elasticity and preserving softness."

"You can tell her over and over and she acts like she can't understand. Look at this mess she calls underwear. Denise!", she called. "Come here! Now look at this Lou Push Up Bra Set From Konrad Lou Push Up Bra Set From Konrad at Nickii's Boutique. This set, delicate and pearl gray shade decorated with a delicate floral ornament, is how you should begin your day. It's pretty, unique and affordable. Of course Sexy is a given. Why don't you order yourself a few bra sets. You'll feel so much better about yourself."

Well it could have been what Patricia said or how she looked when she said it, but I think that Denise had the good sense to be shame of her underwear situation so she's getting it together. And just for the record, yes he does care!

So until next week, thanks for stopping by.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Don't Think You Heard Me

What is it? Do I not speak English plain enough? Is what I'm saying going in one ear and out the other? Or, can it be that you are ignoring me. I am inclined to believe its the latter. So let me shout it out! I said, "This Is Dedicated!"

Last week an acquaintance called to offer me the opportunity to purchase a Spanish line of shapewear for Nickii's Boutique. She was really excited and, "Oh, the women are mad over this product" she raved. I was already familiar with the product as an enterprising young lady in Hotlanta had sent me some information about a month ago. And you know what, it appears to do exactly what it proposes to. So when I was able to get a word in edgewise, I said to the acquaintance, "We have been approached to carry that line before. However, it dosen't compliment the Sexy atmosphere that we want Nickii's Boutique to portray." I have to give it to her, she was persistent. So finally I said, "Let me give you an idea of what I mean. Visit Nickii's Boutique with me."

Now if she had read the blog post "This Is Dedicated" I wouldn't have to reiterate(this is why she is an acquaintance). Anyway, now that I think about it, it does bear repeating.

First I said, "We are dedicated to providing the Full Figured woman with a Sexy alternative to that other shapewear. That's why we selected the "V.I.P.A" shapewear. For starters, check out the Monika Bodysuit From V.I.P.A Monika Bodysuit From V.I.P.A. A pretty bodysuit with light embroidery, contrasting lace and matching straps. A lovely piece of fashionable shapewear in a fantastic range of sizes (28DD - 48DDD). The rear is nicely decorated with a V lace insert and pretty bow. And unlike that other line you're confining women with, hook an eye fasteners at the seat with two adjustment settings are for convenience. And just so you know, from the Monika line, V.I.P.A also offers the Monika Full Figure Soft Cup Bra Set From V.I.P.A Monika Full Figure Soft Cup Bra Set From V.I.P.A."

I tell you, my girl was dogged. But once I started, I got in the groove and it was on. I said, "No attention to detail has been spared with the Madonna Bodyshaper From V.I.P.A Madonna Bodyshaper From V.I.P.A. A beautiful bodyshaper with lace edging on the bottom with adjustable suspender straps. The cups are adorned with lace and embroidery. And it's the perfect party dress accessory, unlike that other line you're incarcerating women with. And just so you know, from the Madonna line V.I.P.A also shapes with the Madonna Bodysuit From V.I.P.A Madonna Bodysuit From V.I.P.A."

By now the acquaintance was highly pissed. I could hear her fuming through the phone, but she kept her cool and her determination. So what could I do but bring it? I said, "My favorite is this Patricia Bodyshaper From V.I.P.A Patricia Bodyshaper From V.I.P.A and to add insult to injury, from the Patricia line, V.I.P.A offers the Patricia Full Figure Soft Cup Bra Set From V.I.P.A Patricia Full Figure Soft Cup Bra Set From V.I.P.A. Isn't that highwaist panty Sexy?"

Finally my girl said, "Well yeah, you probably do just want to stay with something Sexy. Can you hold on a minute? Someone's at the door." By now I'm just grinning and I say, "Sure, I've got a second." When she came back she said again, "Yeah, you probably just want to stay with something Sexy." I started to say, "And just so you know, each of these styles come in sizes 28DD - 48DDD. And, they're so beautiful that women love to be seen in them, unlike that other line you're embarassing women with." But before I could finish, she said, "I got to go now." Click! And I am not even mad at her!

So BBW, BVW, BFW and BBBW, because you deserve Sexy, Comfortable, Beautiful everyday shapewear, This Is Dedicated to You.

Until next week, thanks for stopping by.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Girl, Look At What Joe

It never fails. Every time you see her its the same thing. She's your best friend and you love her like a sister, but d---! It's always Joe brought me this and Joe brought me that.

Last week when y'all met at the theater to check out the latest Tyler Perry movie, she swaggers up wearing a Beatrice Corset Set From V.I.P.A
Beatrice Corset Set From V.I.P.A. It was a cute little set with the matching Leggings and Bolero. She's the only Sister you know who walks around in a Bolero. And, she knows how to play it too. Of course, Joe had brought it for her for some obscure reason.

Week before last, when y'all met for a soup and salad lunch at Olive Garden, Your Girl steps up in a Diane Corset Set From V.I.P.A
Diane Corset Set From V.I.P.A. A beautiful corset set of soft velvet and decorated with a rich black and silver embroidery and pretty black feathers. You almost hated the fact that you couldn't tell her the feathers were a little too much. She said Joe had given it to her for her birthday. Like you don't know that her birthday was 6 months ago and then she said her gift had been the Flora Push Up Bra Set From Corin Flora Push Up Bra Set From Corin a pretty set in Autum/Winter Grey. Are you getting a little green around the ears?

I think this is what Ice T meant when he said, "don't hate the playa, hate the game!" So what, she plays like a Peyton Manning, you can still be of good cheer cause Nickii's Boutique got your back.

Now, had you asked, she may very well have told you that she puts Joe to sleep wearing this delicate and beautiful Bloom Chemise From Corin Bloom Chemise From Corin. Then she wakes him up to the smell of bacon, eggs and coffee. When Joe enters the kitchen he sees her looking very beautiful in this Scarlet Push Up Bra Set From V.I.P.A Scarlet Push Up Bra Set From V.I.P.A, a pretty set covered with embroidered roses and delicate lace. And make no mistake, she does leave the Scarlet Robe From V.I.P.A unbelted.

Remember when she was complaining abut not wanting to go to dinner at Joe's boss' house. What she didn't tell you (cause you didn't ask) was that when Joe stepped through the door she was on his arm wearing this Beatrice Coctail Dress From V.I.P.A Beatrice Coctail Dress From V.I.P.A, glamorous cocktail dress with a V cut back which is edged with Swarovski crystals and laced with satin ribbon. And, Oh Yes She Did set it off with the Swarovski Crystal Bra Straps. Joe still talks about that night.

Its Game On, but don't be scered ladies! Just step your game up!

Until next week, thanks for stopping by.

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