Friday, September 25, 2009

Well You Should Be

And you're not shame. Grown women! Proclaiming to be a Diva. As my brother, Chubby, would say, "You're talking out the side of your neck."

My friend Patricia, y'all remember her. She's one of those Beautiful Volumptuous Women (BVW) and then to make sure you don't miss her, she's blessed with that "Unknown Thing." Anyway, a couple of days ago she was reprimanding her daughter, Denise, for her disinterest in her underwear. "I don't understand it," Patricia said. "You're a beautiful young woman with a nice hour glass shape! Why don't you place any importance on your foundations?"

I just happened to be on the phone with Patricia at the time she was having this discussion with Denise. Through with Denise, Patricia said to me, "This dosen't make any sense! They walk around in clothes of every name brand on the market but have on worn out, mismatched underwear, and think they're Sexy. Whatever! They don't know anything about being Sexy. They have Sexy confused with sex!" Having heard this speech before, I settled in.

Getting in the groove, Patricia said, "I have always matched my bra and panties, you know. I just feel good about myself when I'm wearing a pretty little Sexy set. Like now I have on this Sexy as he-- Meriel Full Cup Bra Set From Sawren Meriel Full Cup Bra Set From Sawren. The bra is comfortable and supportive, the brief is a perfect fit and the set is beautifully embroidered with very vivid colors. Dosen't it come in a push-up too?"

She wasn't expecting an answer. "And then," she continued, "they don't even try to take care of what they have. This girl (Denise) has panties and bras with the elastic stretched and torn, you know. I've told her over and over to wash her intimate items using a Forever New Lace For Lingerie Lace Valet Forever New Lace For Lingerie Lace Valet, being sure to fasten the bras, on gentle wash in cold water with Forever New Ovacion Forever New Ovacion, because the Ovacion returns the "newness" to lingerie by restoring elasticity and preserving softness."

"You can tell her over and over and she acts like she can't understand. Look at this mess she calls underwear. Denise!", she called. "Come here! Now look at this Lou Push Up Bra Set From Konrad Lou Push Up Bra Set From Konrad at Nickii's Boutique. This set, delicate and pearl gray shade decorated with a delicate floral ornament, is how you should begin your day. It's pretty, unique and affordable. Of course Sexy is a given. Why don't you order yourself a few bra sets. You'll feel so much better about yourself."

Well it could have been what Patricia said or how she looked when she said it, but I think that Denise had the good sense to be shame of her underwear situation so she's getting it together. And just for the record, yes he does care!

So until next week, thanks for stopping by.

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